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End of the road as police gun down Eiye most notorious killer in Edo State

End of the road as police gun down Eiye most notorious killer in Edo State

Otasowie Osagie before he met his Waterloo had become a hate figure in Benin City, the capital of Edo State not just because he did not hide the fact that he lived off crime and always had a way of evading arrest.It was mainly because he saw Upper Sakponba , and its environs, including Igbesamwan Community where he hailed from as killing fields.


The Notorious Otasowie Osagie was a senior member of the supreme Eiye confraternity.

Otasowie never had regards for human lives,according to residents of Upper Sakponba in Benin City, he  was brutal during cult clashes and attacks anyone on sight .

Known for summary execution of rival and even his own cult members,Otasowie was fear personified.

Said to be invisible with multiple charms Otasowie is seen as the most dreaded cultist in Edo State before he met his waterloo some few days ago.

The Rise Of Otasowie.

Some few years ago Otasowie made a name for himself when he led a series of bloody hits in Benin City that recorded lots of casualties from a rival cult group.

Otasowie carved a niche for himself after every hit pulled he made sure he did a live video to prove it was a successful bloody hit.

He then became popular within the Eiye confraternity and started grooming his own boys.

It was alleged he was trained by a popular Eiye Lord,Emeka Ajala who passed on last year.

Sooner than later Otasowie started having sponsors to run so many despicable acts.From robbery to assassination and cult related killings,Otasowie Osagie was the right man for the job.

He started becoming a frequent visitor to the security agencies and his name started making waves among the police force.

Believed to always have his ways of evading arrest ,Otasowie started having big sponsors from the diaspora.

Money started flowing in his system and he became very noticeable among observers of cult clashes in Edo State when he used the Eiye Confraternity to instill fear within and outside Benin City.

One of his foot soldiers once boasted that he was immune to bullets, machetes and other deadly weapons, which was why Otasowie was “invincible during battles.”

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Among his victims are Akpasu,Africa,Don Baba and so many other  young boys.

How he met his Waterloo.

Recently in Benin City there was a cult clash involving the Eiye confraternity and some other cult groups ,the young Otasowie led a series of bloody hits and made sure he did live videos of the hits.

Days ago Otasowie pulled a bloody hit.

The father of the deceased  recognized him and made a report to the police.

He was apprehended and taken to the force headquarters.Videos of his atrocities were recovered by the police and weapons as well.

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Jubilation As Otasowie Is Arrested.

When residents of Benin heard of his arrest there was jubilation everywhere and residents trooped into the State Police Headquarters to confirm for themselves his arrest.

Many identified the young Otasowie as the terror behind the bloody unrest in Benin City.

Otasowie was reportedly shot dead alongside his colleague Osayomore when they tried escaping from the force headquarters in Benin City.

See photos of Otasowie and some videos of his hit below.     

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