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Man Embarks On Burial Challenge, Buries Himself Alive For 7 Days In Coffin In Attempt To Break Record

An American man, MrBeast, also known as James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson, embarked on an extreme challenge by burying himself alive in a custom-built coffin for 7 consecutive days.

This stunt aimed to break his own previous record of 50 hours, undertaken two years ago to raise awareness about deforestation.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel, MrBeast was shown dressed in a suit, white shirt, and tie, clutching a bouquet of red roses as he prepared to spend an entire week buried beneath 20,000 pounds of dirt.

The 25-year-old philanthropist expressed that this was the “scariest thing” he had ever attempted.

The specially designed coffin featured provisions for food and water to sustain MrBeast throughout the challenge, but it also limited his movement significantly.

Cameras and lights were installed inside the coffin to monitor him continuously, while he communicated with friends above ground through walkie-talkies.

As the week progressed, MrBeast faced physical challenges, including back pain from prolonged periods of lying down, leading to concerns about potential blood clots.

However, he emphasized that the primary struggle was mental, with moments of emotional distress that his friends attempted to alleviate with humour.

Despite the risks, MrBeast successfully completed the 7-day burial challenge and was finally dug up.

In a video capturing the moment, he mentioned feeling a rush of blood as he stood up for the first time

MrBeast concluded the video with a warning to viewers: “Please don’t try this at home, lol.”

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