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COVID-19: We Will Support SouthEast If Only They Will Abandon Biafra Struggle – Bola Tinubu

COVID-19: We Will Support SouthEast If Only They Will Abandon Biafra Struggle – Bola TinubuA Nigerian top politician Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu  has spoken about aiding the south region of Nigerian to tackle the spread of Coronavirus.

n his statement on Monday 6th of April, he appealed to the people living in the southern part of Nigeria to abandon the struggle of Biafra, in other to unite as one Nigeria, to enable the Federal government of Nigeria, help tackle the spread of the virus in the country.

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He Quote:

The people of SouthEast is been effected with this virus, it is time to reunite as one Nigeria, We Will Support SouthEast If Only They will abandon the Biafra struggle.

Bola Tinubu Speaks

Making a further statement he also appreciate the effort of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for tackling the virus effectively, and also ensuring the health and safety of the people.

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  1. Well spoken sir Hon.Bola Tinubu but you see this advice comes too late because the people of the southeast sensed marginalization from the smallest to the greatest of them .Never push a man to the level of him saying for these course I will die its dangerouse. The more it lingers the later it becomes.They might not need your help, for God of Isreal is with them.Don’t fight God with your fist cos you might be hitting shadow.

  2. The Southeast will abandon Biafra struggle if the injustices against the Southeast is stopped and corrected.
    You cannot beat a child and ask him not cry or push one and tell him where to fall.
    The level of deciet in Nigeria is so much and Southeast is constantly denied of her rights and fair share. The killings and marginalization of zone needs to stop and appropriate apologies tendered with adequate compensation paid to the zone. Restructuring the country is optimously imperative for continued coexistence of Nigeria.
    Also Southwest should equally stop their own struggle.
    My views…

  3. Tinubu has been disowned by Oduduwa people which stand for Oduduwa Republic of south west. Where’s Coronavirus pandemic in Ignorant in which Igbos beg for help? Tinubu who is complicit and collaborator of fulani caliphate with its emirates, must die with fulani caliphate with its emirates. Tinubu is a dying snake on on a sunken ship nickname Nigeria. The so-called Nigeria which is fulani caliphate with its emirates, has fallen and gone forever- it is Yugoslavia of Africa. The six geopolitical zones are Sovereign States- Biafra Republic of south east, Niger Delta Republic of south south, Oduduwa Republic of south west, North East Republic, North West Republic, North Central Republic.

    • Really,if mr tinubu made those statements,it would be unfortunate because it would mean that the man like the owner of the legendary ship,the titanic who boasted befor its innorgural voyage that even God cannot sink the ship.tinubu has set God aside and has assumed on himself and his mortal government the power to decide the fate of a people in the face of a death spewing pandemic.I therefor find it appropriate let him know of one magic wand that has helped the igbos to survive every thing that nigeria hse thrown at them over the years and that is our resolute belief in our maxim that ‘God himself keeps away the flies for the tailess cow’.so ti gbo,sir?

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