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Ghana kicks out Nigeria High Commissioner from residence in Accra

Nigeria High Commissioner, Olufemi Michael Abikoye, is reported to have been kicked out of his residence located at No.10 Barnes Road in Accra.

Media reports referenced an alleged statement by Mr Abikoye, dated December 31 2019, in which he is reported as saying that a Ghanaian company, Amaco Microfinance Company Limited, had instructed the High Commission “to vacate its diplomatic property at No.10 Barnes Road, Accra.”

The residence is said to have been reallocated to Amaco Microfinance since August 26, 2019, by Ghana’s Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources with the consent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

‘The letter further stressed that failure to comply within the stipulated time will lead to depositing the Mission’s belongings at the nearest Accra police station,”

Mr Abikoye is also alleged to have said that the reallocation of the property was done ”without recourse to the [Nigerian] High Commission.”

Olufemi Michael Abikoye

This has led to many people concluding that a dimplomatic impasse between Ghana and Nigeria may soon be witnessed.

It has been gathered that the said property located on 10, Barnes Road in Accra is just one of the official quarters of the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana.

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