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How God saved Me from a Taxi Driver who tried to Kidnap me in Port Harcourt – Lady testifies

A Nigerian Young Lady Narrates her ugly experience with an evil Taxi Driver in Port Harcourt and How God Saved Her.

By Nina Gift, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.

Someone once told me that living in Port-Harocourt is amongst the “1000 ways to die’

Songs of praises & gratitude has not left my mouth since last night I almost Got killed and kidnapped.

I don’t even know what to say or write am still scared, if I remember how it all happened and how I was able to escape or jump down from a moving vehicle, on high speed. I just say thank u lord.

After work at about past 7 pm, I boarded this taxi from mile 3 bus-stop, it was empty, the driver (a middle aged man) tried to get some other passengers going his way but none was, I was the only person going his location (poor me)  if only I had known.

We continued the journey he still tried to get some other passengers at UST but none, I still don’t know if it was all planned.

Just after that Gt bank opposite mechanic village close to Agip (for some of you who know port-Harcourt very well) he started speeding; he hit another car that was parked on the road.

Haba! I exclaimed Oga take it easy abeg no be wood u carry oo, He replied saying
“No vez abeg, u no see say we don pass that man”

“which man?” I asked him! Still telling him to take it easy that he’s not competing with anybody on the road.
The man didn’t even answer me again instead he increased the speed,  instead of taking the straight road that leads to Rumuokuta, rumuokoro, He diverted towards the road that leads to G.R.A , waterlines.

I became scared and I shouted at him “Oga were u dey carry me dey go?” he said he’s trying to cut from here and enter Rumuokuta.

It was a big lie because there was no traffic and if at all he wanted to take that route he would have alerted me, and again its going to be long journey so he would need an extra Money, but no he didn’t do any of these, instead he kept speeding like one who’s been chased.

I called him several times he didn’t answer me, it was then I understood that I was in the wrong vehicle.

I started praying in my mind screaming and shouting at the foolish man to stop the car ” that I wasn’t going again’. He didn’t even answer me.

At this point i opened the door and he was still on high speed I was shouting and screaming, but there was no help.
so many thoughts ran through my mind,
should I jump down from the moving vehicle?
Or hit this man on d head? Then we die together?
Or better still keep praying, shouting and screaming till help comes?

I was so confused, I know deep down that if this man succeeds in taking me to whatsoever location on his mind “i am dead” I decided to act fast its better I die trying than giving him a chance for victory”

I decided to jump down from the moving vehicle just at that police station close to “House on the rock church” the evil driver ran off.

I was badly injured on my kneels, elbows and legs but I still thank-God I came out Alive!….
All throughout the night, I was  thinking I couldn’t sleep, what would have become of me if that devilish man had succeeded.?

Maybe the story would have been different” shes a slot” who went to see a man and never returned. Or maybe news-headline would have been “another lady killed in PH” may-God Forbid bad thing.

Come to think it, there was a police station on that road and this kind of incident happened it
still amazes me, they were just busy doing what they know how to do best on checkpoints. This country is a mess NA God dey save person, seriously!

Thank God for your unending protection and guidance you came through for your baby girl just like u have always done.
I know I am the worse sinner on earth but your grace has always been keeping and protecting me like a shield.

I am overly grateful lord for giving me the courage and boldness in trying times, my mouth is filled with your praise declaring your splendor, goodness and mercies all day long.

Friends We should all be careful oo, this are trying and perilous time, December is by the corner and evil men are thirsty for blood. It could happen to anyone regardless of time or place.

May God continue to Guide and protect his own in Jesus name Amen.

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