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Regina Daniels clears the air on her best friend trying to seduce Ned Nwoko

Young Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has now delved into the report that she threw her best friend, Cassie, out of her home for seducing her husband, Ned Nwoko.

The report included that Regina deleted all Cassie’s photos from her Instagram page.

The report reads,

“Cassie is so in love with Regina’s hubby Ned Nwoko and could not control herself around him.

One day someone caught her alone with Ned and it looked ‘somehow’ as she had a strange look and Ned allegedly had a wet look on his Jalabia.

Regina had been warned about Cassie but she did not listen and always maintained that she trusted her.

Ned had also advised Regina severally to advise Cassie to dress appropriately but she always dressed like Regina around the house and wore very skimpy outfit.

The person who met her with Ned alone raised the roof and insisted Cassie must leave the house and it was Regina’s mum who walked in on them but that info is not verified yet.”

There were also allegations that Regina’s weight loss has to do with her being seriously sick recently from some kind of poisoning and the informant added insinuating that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

However, popular blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus reached out to the actress to clarify the allegations.

Daniels, however, maintained that her problems with anyone whether true or false should never be a topic for the Internet.

Read their interview below:

”There are many fake stories about me that I can’t explain all but from now on any fake stories about me will be handled.”

When asked about all the rumour, she said:” it’s about my life and I don’t want to talk about it”.

Speaking about why her hubby, Ned Nwoko, chased Cassie from the house, she replied: 

”I sent her away not my husband.”

When asked her if it was true that Cassie, her former best friend, had tried to seduce her hubby Ned Nwoko, she said:

”No, she never did that. The case is different. It has nothing to do with my husband or anything, she is not that kind of person. You know when there is a group of friends and one betrays the girl code, things are bound to happen. It was not just me that sent her away but friends and family that felt betrayed”

When asked if she was poisoned, she replied in negative.

The young actress was reluctant to respond to other questions asked.

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