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Body positive activist recreates Kim Kardashian’s naked perfume ad

Carmen Reme Smith ,a body positive blogger and activist  often poses in her underwear with her legs, swollen by lympodema, on show, to inspire people to accept all the little things that we’re so often made to feel are weird or wrong.

This week she stripped off to recreate Kim Kardashian’s nude advert for her new perfume. Just like Kim, she’s sitting naked with her hand over her genitals. Unlike Kim, there are stretchmarks and folds on show.

Carmen hopes that by sharing the photos she’ll empower people to love their bodies rather than comparing themselves to the ideal of Kim Kardashian’s figure.

‘I wanted to remind people that most of us do not have a flat, stretch mark free stomach and smooth curves,’ Carmen told ‘I wanted to remind everyone that their body is perfect the way it is today. We may have goals for our bodies but there is no reason we shouldn’t love them every step along the way. ‘This is not a competition, this is only a reminder that the “perfect” body you are seeking is the one you already have.

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