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Seun Jimoh tries to defend his previous post supporting Tiwa Savage gender equality stance

Actor Seun Jimoh, has again taken to his IG page to further explain what he meant when he showed support to Tiwa savage following her gender equality in marriage interview.

His first post read:

Tiwa savage said the man is the head of the home, some people are abusing her. anyone who thinks otherwise has no business getting married or being in a proper heterosexual relationship, the fact that you are a successful woman doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cook or clean , it is no excuse, I have successful women around me and they cook great, in time and as a duty. A respected husband is always a better husband, you can argue and fight all you want about this issue on social media, but the reality is the reality , a woman that cannot respect and acknowledge that her husband is the head has no business getting married and if she does should not be shocked if she eventually has to leave the marriage sooner or later . A disrespected man will either beat you or leave you except the man has no value in himself. we will talk about the man another day.

For reasons unknown, he thought he needed to further clarify by penning this a few hours ago:

Sometimes I look at people that are supposed to be enlightened and just marvel , if I say a successful woman should also cook and clean does that mean her husband doesn’t or shouldn’t help her or do it too? would be nice for people to always think deeply and engage their minds when reading instead of itching to give a quick reply in order to sound intelligent, intelligence goes beyond being deft with words . no matter what the world becomes , the husband will naturally be the head of a home in a proper setting , which is so even in very developed countries , being the head doesn’t mean being an overlord , it simply means taking a decisive responsibility in many crucial matters . A woman that doesn’t acknowledge her husband as the head will definitely feel the heat in her marriage , most of these ladies writing long epistles are either unmarried or are in unbalanced relationships where the man has no say either because of his financial status or for other reasons , the moment the man gets the things he lacks they will understand , before you come at me with the western bullshit and say women abroad don’t submit to and honour their husbands , understand that am happily married to a very successful woman who cooks great , cleans and does her duties as a wife, and yes she is American born and bred . but what can I say? each will learn, and for those that say if you share bills you are equal , well, i can only wish you good luck with your man . I don’t get mad when single or divorced people spew trash, my message is for people that want to be happy in marriage and life. I have never beaten a woman all my life and I never will , so I will never support domestic violence , but some men don’t care, if you disrespect them they will beat you , it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks , that is the reality the ones that have sense will just leave you instead . if after this you still choose to misunderstand and drag head with your spouse , well, God help you!

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