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“Phyno, I am very sorry. It’s small pikin that was doing me then-Lady begs phyno

An Instagram user has taken to social media to apologize to
Phyno for looking down on him when he was still struggling to make it.

The young lady says Phyno approached her back in the days with his
dreams and aspirations and she rebuffed him. He allegedly shared his
songs with her, made small talks, but the young woman ridiculed him and
his music before her friends who laughed at him.

“I remember those days of 2go when Phyno was really really asking
me out, Phyno Fino that you all know.. Phyno would come to by 2go chat
to chat me up and tell me stuff, He will release a new single and send
it to me and be like ‘listen to this and see if it’s nice’”
, the lady said

She continued, 

“I was like, what’s this one singing. I was seeing
it as one kind inferior thing, I will show it to my friends and we will
all laugh over it. Until finally one day i was amazed how to how he
blew up and how he became very popular”
the lady says in the blunt video, admitting how unfairly she treated him.

Now, Phyno is the King of the East, controls massive followership and
has become a household name. Seeing his mindblowing success, the young
woman realises she shouldn’t have refused his advances. She went on to
chuck down her reaction to him as “small pikin’ symptoms, and now begs
for his forgiveness.

“Phyno, I am very sorry. It’s small pikin that was doing me then.
I am your nwadiana(distant relative). In fact, last time I saw your
dad, I greeted him very well. Biko, gbahara zie. It’s small pikin
she said

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