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Buhari names Ekiti Federal Varsity after Late General Adebayo

Ado-Ekiti-‎ President Muhammadu Buhari, has named the Federal University, Oye Ekiti after the late military governor of the old Western Region, Major General Adeyinka Adebayo.

The President‎ said the honour was done to immortalize Adebayo for his immense contributions to the unity and development of the Nigerian nation.
President Buhari, who was represented by the Acting President Yemi Osinbanjo at the funeral service held at All Saints Anglican Church, Iyin Ekiti, said General Adebayo fought relentlessly for the unity of the country during the civil war that ravaged the country between 1967 and 1970, saying the late general mooted the suggestion that the federal government should opted for dialogue rather than the use of force.
The town was agog as top Nigerians from all walks of lives, including state governors, business moguls , politicians and foreign national had besieged the town to honour the Iconic Nigerian.
Osinbajo while making the pronouncement said the Pesident , who had harmonious relationship with General Adebayo would have loved to be here but for the present situation at the presidency, tactically referring to the president’s medical vacation in London.
In his words, “This is a celebration of life of sacrifice and dedication to one’s community and nation. General Adebayo was a fine gentleman
and the 1st indigenous Chief of Army Staff who Mr President had harmonious relationship with.
“To let you know how respectable this man was to President Buhari, the President personally instructed me to be here. General Adebayo had demonstrated that one must learn how to impact on the community where he has the opportunity of serving. As a military officer, he did well and a military governor, he served the people selflessly.
“As a military officer in 1967, he fought hard to prevent the rebel army from making incursion into Lagos, the then Federal Capital Territory. He headed the post war conciliation committee for the integration of the Igbos back to Nigeria. In fact, his military trajectory was a case study in Nigeria.
“General Adebayo did not only serve Nigeria, he served with integrity. In the struggle for democracy in Nigeria, General Adebayo was a member of National Democratic Coalition(NADECO).
“Knowing the value of development on the wellbeing of the generality of the people, General Adebayo since 1999 had been encouraging southwest governors on the need to bring back the old glories, because
he didn’t like the way the southwest was falling behind in education and agriculture.
“General Adebayo had left the right inheritance, and this was not money but good character and I want he coming leadership to emulate what his iconic life represented”, he concluded.
The primate of Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, described Adebayo as a man of great “human disposition , forthright , disciplined and focused” , saying these sterling qualities helped his career in no small measure.

The cleric warned Nigerian leaders against corruption and massive looting of the treasury, saying these won’t prevent them from the cold
hands of death.
“Nigeria is in trouble because our leaders are self-serving . But remember that only God has the power of life and death. With over 98
billion dollars you have stolen, this won’t deliver you from the hands of death.
“There are so mush sufferings in the land, unemployment is increasing, people are dying and jobless, so all these were enough for our
leaders to cater for rather than looting the treasuries for personal gains”.
The Archbishop urged Nigerian leaders to learn from the life of the late Macedonian Leader, Alexandre the Great , who refused to acquire wealth as a military officer just because of the believe that the world is a vanity.
Okoh added that General Adebayo impacted positively on the southwest and Iyin Ekiti during his time as a military governor , saying “this
is the kind of leader Nigeria needs. Those that will be humble with power and see the people as the right constituents that must be taken
care of”.
The Cleric added further: “General Adebayo was an harbinger of peace even as a military officer. He was a Yoruba man par excellence . One thing marvels me about his administration, if someone can see presiding over Ekiti, Ondo, Osun as a problem, what shall we then
say about someone ruling over the whole southwest region.
Former Governor Niyi Adebayo and son of the deceased thanked Nigerians for the support the family had got since the patriarch died on March 8. 2017.
“Though the show my father left behind might be too difficult for me ,but I promise to live up to expectation. I will do my best for my
father to be happy with me in heaven

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