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Sky B is alive!! Sunnymackson says as he slams Nigerians over fake news

The internet was set on serious rowdiness as the death of Sky B, a Nigerians almost gone musician was announced.

His death was broadcasted with so much love and empathy on all major blogs and TV stations in Nigeria.

But this act didn’t go down pleasantly with a popular Nigerians Europe based music artiste, known as Sunnymackson. He took to his official Facebook page to criticize the Nigerian internet and media space for showing much concern after hearing his death. He said, none of these TV stations ever played his music to promote him or the blogs posted anything to sustain his career, but why the great concern about his death?
Sunnymackson frown greatly at how humans, especially Nigerians attitude towards fellow Nigerians.

BTLSBlog gathered that the news of Sky B death was a planned fake death by himself to and his management to give him a public resuscitation as he sets to launch an album.

Sky B is not dead but alive as gathered by BTLSblog.

Watch video blow;

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