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Why I Am Renouncing My Nigerian Citizenship – By Aroms Aigbehi

By Dr Aroms Aigbehi

I have had enough of Nigeria and I am done with it. I am renouncing my nationality of Nigeria starting today. I will be starting the process in the morning. I am doing this because I no longer wish to be associated with the evildoers with that same identity.

Yesterday Michael Olugbenga Ajayi wrote in a comment:
“My candid advice is that you focus on your family, life and career. If Jesus Christ could not change the Jews, I wonder if you would be able to change the wicked mindset of the black man.”

He was right and I will take his advice. In the last 6 years I have taken my life and that of my family through hell on earth just to help Nigerians. The more I tried the more people work against me. The evil in Nigeria is just to much. I am very SURE NOW I am not the one that will fix it and I cannot fix it.

There are too many people who refused to stand for the truth. Such people cannot grown. A people that will create false testimonies against others in the name of Jesus are just too evil for me to be among them.

Today, I will be making a video to explain to my fans my decision. I no longer want to be associated with anything to do with Nigeria. Holding a passport of a normal country is what I fought for when I was a young man which I have always appreciated. Due to the love of my people I have come back to struggle and help them. But I have come to realize that the evil among most Nigerians both in and outside Nigeria will always destroy any good thing and that nothing good will ever sprout from that source.

I have some scores to settle regarding those that have spread malicious rumours against me and my company. I will be taking legal action. After that, I vow NEVER to alter the world NIGERIA again for the rest of my life.

From tomorrow I will never write about Nigeria again or talk about Nigeria again. It has ended. I will henceforth continue my work in Liberia and other African countries.

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