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Nigerian Migrants Cry Out After Being Locked Up In Prison In Libya (Photos)

Nigerians in Libya are calling on the federal government to come to their aid and end their suffering in the North African country. In a trending video footage posted online on Saturday, July 7th 2018, one of the Nigerian migrants lamented their condition as he said they have been locked up in a prison for over five months now with the authorities not doing anything to help them.

According to the migrants, the authorities are refusing them from traveling to Europe and also refusing them from going back to their country.

The migrants also lamented the food condition as it was claimed that they are mostly fed bread and even drink water from one bathroom which they all share.

According them, two of their colleagues died on Saturday after suffering from undisclosed sickness – with many more getting sick daily.

The migrants called on Nigerian pastors, Adeboye, Apostle Suleiman, Oyedepo and others to come and help them. They also begged the federal government to secure their release.


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