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Here’s Why Getting A Tattoo For Someone Is A Really, Really Bad Idea

The topic of may be one that Nigerians are slowly learning to embrace but it’s one that been around for a really long time.

While a lot of young people, myself included, are walking around with quite a few tattoos of various things, some have made a mistake and live with the regrets.

The mistake? Getting a tattoo of someone’s name or initials. In some really interesting cases, we’ve seen people get a tattoo of their favorite pop star (yeah, someone is walking around with Davido on her chest), but we’re here to warn you to abort the mission.

1. You may both just break up and never talk to each other ever again

Pete Davidson, like any love-struck young man, just got two tattoos for his girlfriend Ariana Grande. While one can be passed off as a seemingly vague altered Playboy bunny logo, the other cannot be mistaken as AG which stands for the initials of his beau. It’s cute, adorable and will have you sending subliminal messages on social media to your partner but it’s a good thing if they don’t get your initials tattooed actually.

What if you both happened to break up and never, ever talk to each other again after you realize you can’t stand the person? It could get pretty tricky explaining to people who the initials belong to. You could get a cover up tattoo which is increasingly more frequent or you could be like a friend of mine who fibs that the initial ‘D’ stands for ‘daddy’. In case you’re wondering, no it doesn’t stand for daddy.

2. You find out they didn’t die after all

A large number of tattoos are gotten to honor loved ones that have passed away or as a sign of everlasting remembrance which, you must admit, is pretty deep.

But what if you find out later on that they didn’t pass away and are actually very much alive? Yeah, pretty much a disaster. I would think a tattoo may be the last thing on your mind when you realize they’re alive it will occur to you that it wasn’t such a great idea after all. And if you think this isn’t possible, think back to last week when a Russian journalist helped fake his own death and his wife had no idea. I wonder how he’ll explain that one huh?

3. They might never get one for you

That would be super awkward but it’s been known to happen. Like yet another friend of mine, I seem to have a lot of them that like tattoos, whose girlfriend had his name inked boldly on her back. Well, things took a turn off course when he evaded getting one that had her name. Safe to say she wasn’t all too happy about that incident.

It might be for legitimate reasons like the person simply not being into tattoos or it could be because they’ve suddenly developed cold feet and realized nope, this isn’t for me. Hopefully, you fall into neither unlucky category.

4. Have you any idea just how expensive tattoo removal is?

I thought not. If you want to opt to go clean then the chances are not in your favor as it definitely is leaving a dent n your bank account when you’re done. It might even cost almost twice as much as you spent on even getting the damn thing in the first place. Don’t think a cover-up will be any cheaper either as tattoo artists charge quite a fee to neatly erase your silly misguided mistake.

I mean who wants to spend a load of money on tattoo removal when they’re heartbroken when you could just spend that money on ice cream and calories that your gym instructor will not be so forgiving of?

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