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How Drunk Man Hit By Petrol Tanker In Lagos Caught On Camera [See Video + Photos]

Policemen in Lagos state have successfully rescued a Nigerian man who was hit by a petrol tanker in Lagos state.

A drunk man in his 30s has escaped death after he was rescued by the Rapid Response Squad Commander, ACP Olatunji Disu, this afternoon in Lagos while on traffic monitoring on Ketu – Ikorodu Road.

The man was hit by 6 wheel tanker at Ile – Ile B/Stop, close to Mile 12 while wandering on the expressway when the incident happened. According to eyewitness account, he was drunk but he managed to cross the expressway towards Ile – Ile Bus Stop, Ikorodu Road.

It was added that the victim climbed the median in front of a commercial bank in the area, where he fell in the front of a loaded tanker on service lane.

The tanker, a DAF, with the registration number KTU-741 XJ hit him before he was pulled out underneath the tanker.

He was pulled out when Commander, RRS was passing by. He stopped and mobilized his officers who put the victim in his back up Hilux before taking him to the Lagos State Accident and Emergency Centre, at the Toll Gate, where he is presently receiving treatment.

The victim sustained injury on the head with bruises on his body.

victim was taken to nearest hospital while the accident was reported at Mile 12 Police Station. He was reported to have slipped from the median on the road before falling down in the from of the tanker before running over him.

As at the time of leaving the centre, medical workers were trying to determine the extent of his injury.

Watch video below:

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