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Abuja big babes and their dirty Twitter fight

 Irose and Olivia

The Flop of the Week has to go to the Abuja sisters who decided to air their (supposed) dirty laundry in public.

we have fights with our friend, that’s part of life but even when we
have a falling out it shouldn’t get nasty. This Twitter drama got
really, really nasty. It set Twitter NG on fire.
two ladies Irose and Olivia who live in Abuja were best of pals until
they weren’t anymore. A few subs here and there led to an expose that
was juicier than a telenovela.
Twitter threads from both friends touched on double standards, rape,
crazy sex stories, luring men of God, dating married men and other nasty
Social media can make people go
really crazy and the battle of the Abuja babes is a classic example.
Even if you guys are not cool again, just go your separate ways.
mudslinging and shots add to a bad reputation for both of them. It
might even affect their job opportunities down the line. People should
take a chill pill. Social media isn’t to die for. Whatever problems you
have, deal with it privately and not in front of millions of Nigerians.
At the end of the day, please have common sense.

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